Executive Leadership

Shujath Pasha, CEO & Managing Director

With over two decades of industry experience, Shujath is a subject matter expert in Islamic finance domain with the experience of designing and delivering solutions for Islamic and conventional financial organization across Middle East.

In his past as core banking expertise, Shujath has successfully managed many projects and effectively managed various teams comprising of development and support in Dubai Bank, Dubai, Bank Dhofar, Muscat etc. Along with the team he was successful in delivering innovative products and solutions which were lucrative to the organization.

In his career path he has played a key role in implementing a complete core banking solution at a startup bank and contributed majorly in converting a conventional bank into an Islamic bank with in a record time.

Shujath is a customer focused and solution oriented person worked in many international location under various teams.

Shujath holds a Master degree in Software Engineering and ITIL certified professional.