VAT on Wheels

VatOnWheels is a cloud based billing solution designed and configured for specific billing requirement. It is the first of its kind which assist end user in complying billing requirement and integrate with other mandatory applications.

The application generates the invoice, e-Sugam number from VAT site automatically on a click of a button and the formatted Sale bill for the dealer.This data can be imported to Tally automatically and the same can be used by both the dealer and the accountant. This process makes everyone’s job easy.

On VatOnWheels , Choose the preferred layout of invoices with your own logo. When you are ready to bill your client finish your invoicing in minutes, simply send your invoice via email, download a PDF or print it with a single click to impress your customers.

Whether you need to remind a client about a payment or thank them for settling a bill on time, VatOnWheels can do your invoicing related correspondence for you.

Your data is stored in the cloud using state-of-the-art technology making the systems avaliable at all times and proctecing your personal and business information using high security standards. This means that they are accessible at all times while being completely secure.

  • Customized Invoice Formats with personalized logo.
  • Generation of Local Sales, Interstate Sales reporting.
  • Complete Role Based Access and Specific Functionalities.
  • Manage Your Customers and Products on the fly.
  • Easy to Import Customers and Product details in various ways.
  • Generate tally importable file for easy integration and avoid duplicate entry.
  • Bills can be generated for any activity under Goods or Services.
  • Customised Invoice Number format with various option.
  • Option of Generating Invoices Numbers Automated or Manual on need basis.
  • Intimate dealer on bill generation instantly via E-Mail and Setup reminders for payment follow up periodically.
  • Generate bills for unregistered dealers using predefined TIN numbers.
  • Provision of multiple users for each company with detail audit trail of all activities performed by individual user.
  • Define your own Taxes of different types with various options of Percentage, Flat Amount and with Tax on Tax options.
  • Well-structured computation of taxes and user friendly information in all bills.
  • User can add additional information like Taxes, Al types of Charges while generating the bill.
  • Option to view Bills History along with e-Sugam generation status.
  • Option to edit bills with in configured period.
  • Complete view of membership details of all sub users along with their activity details.
  • Tracking of Bills generated by each Sub User.
  • Reduce Manual work and improve Efficiency.

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iWin is a sophisticated Prize Draw Software designed and developed to serve any industry for general purpose. It is first of its kind software to that randomly generates the tickets based in the input provided and selects the winner precisely. This product has been tested and certified by the authorities for its correctness.

This product is currently being used at many banks. Most banks have schemes on the savings account where customer will be eligible for prizes if he/she maintains the required balance for the period specified by the Bank. The prize drawings can be for various frequencies like weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. At the end of each week, month, quarter and year banks gets the list of all Lucky draw account holders, and give them the appropriate number of chances depending on their average account balances. Most bank like to automate these prize draws and this is where iPrimitus product “iWin” is useful

The software is fully secured and the input file(s) are encrypted to avoid fraudulent transactions.

iWin is a fun and easy way to find a winner. The software can be used for various different lucky draws ranging from retail, automobiles, any event based draw etc. Multiple draws for a product can be performed simultaneously in a single go thus saving a lot of time, effort and avoiding overhead of repeatedly conducting lucky draws. It is very secure system designed to avoid any data tampering.

  • Define multiple products and multiple drawings and run them at once.
  • Various frequencies can be defined like weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc and each drawing can have one or more winners
  • Option to add new draw and new product and add prizes for each draw.
  • User can setup the minimum criteria for participants to be eligible to participate in the lucky draw.
  • Automatic calculation of the number of chances a participants gets based on the custom condition defined by the management.
  • Instant winners list visibility and printing option.
  • Supports an exclusion list of users based on conditions.
  • Highly Secured and Encrypted Data.
  • User friendly interface, Easy to setup and executed the prize draw.

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