iPrimitus Cloud Services(iCS)

iPrimitus gives you the right cloud infrastructure, perfectly pooled resources and forever technical support to run your business enterprise dynamically.

Get Superior Performance with Autoscalable iPrimitus Managed Cloud

In the world of indefinite possibilities, we understand every computing need, each automation move and every single technology update. iPrimitus advises that every business is unique in its own way, so must be the Cloud Solution. Hence, we specially engineered an intelligent cloud computing architecture for your business.

iPrimitus gives you the right cloud infrastructure, perfectly pooled resources and forever technical support to run your business enterprise dynamically.

Explore Infinite Possibilities on iPrimitus Cloud !

On Demand Services

iPrimitus gives you a cloud environment where you can explore, discover, apply and innovate infinite computing options.

  • Create on demand Virtual Machines.
  • Reboot, Start and Shut down VMs, independently.
  • Deploy & assign resources dynamically.
  • Assign, Monitor and Repair Faulty VMs.
  • Access your cloud anywhere, anytime.

Auto scaling and Pay per consume

iPrimitus's Intelligence is the difference. Wisely operates and knows how, when and why to add or remove compute resources to a user's account. It is independent and completely automatic.

  • Intelligent Auto Vertical and Horizontal Scaling.
  • Know Resource Usage before-hand, through iPrimitus 's wise & Timely Predictions.
  • Pay Per Consume, eliminate cost of unused resources.
  • Reduce time-consumption significantly.

High Security

Built on multiple layers of security, iPrimitus proliferates your business scope by maintaining a high caliber of data regulation.

  • Set entire reliability on iPrimitus cloud for highly secure data exchanges, data storage and data upkeep.
  • Gain enterprise storage for Isolation of resources from public network and thick provisioning.
  • Deploy multiple protection mechanisms against the Internet Threats.
  • Encryption, MPLS, VPN, SSL, network layer, app layer.

Unified Infrastructure

Self Sufficient in delivering every solution and service under the head of "Cloud Computing", thoroughly supported with advanced and innovative technology backed by round-the-clock technical support for high availability.

  • Choose to use private or public or hybrid cloud infrastructure with unique combination of interfaces, layers and features.
  • Set out an all-inclusive cloud capable of numerous customizations, apart from enterprise-ready solutions.
  • Depend on only one cloud for all your needs in the virtual world.
  • Keep your hands free, while iPrimitus accelerates speed, agility and flexibility. It keeps you going the smarter way in business.

Broad & Deep Core Cloud Infrastructure Services


  • Virtual Servers
  • Containers
  • 1-Click Web App Deployment
  • Event-Driven Compute Functions
  • Auto Scaling
  • Load Balancing

Storage & Content Delivery

  • Object Storage
  • CDN
  • Block Storage
  • File System Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Data Transport
  • Integrated Storage


  • Relational
  • Database Migration
  • NoSQL
  • Caching
  • Data Warehouse


  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Direct Connections
  • Load Balancing
  • DNS

What iPrimitus does for Your Business?

In simple terms, iPrimitus cloud hosting services enables you to control your cloud your way. If we had to define iPrimitus in three words, we'd mention- elastic, sizeable and secure. iPrimitus cloud server hosting uses a cluster of high specification servers, which eases out the individual installation of applications.

It allows you to start-up and deploy as per your T&C, lets you run your resources smoothly in its sophisticated algorithms, proactively activates scaling before you fall short of any resources, in other times when you are self-sufficient, it shuts down the scaling process to save your costs. The two interesting features besides iPrimitus 's Automatic Scaling are Pay Per Consume and Live Migration. The difference noticed as you team up with iPrimitus, is that you would have saved a lot of your computing time and costs.

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