Mobile Strategy and Consulting Services

We can help you develop an effective enterprise mobility strategy that identifies :

  • How to link mobile applications to existing legacy applications
  • What tools to use
  • How to adapt development processes to rapidly iterate mobile app development and maintenance

Our work in this area includes mobile vision and strategy, architecture, and proof of concept and simulation.

Mobile Vision and Strategy: We can identify and evaluate your organization's mobile use, then develop a business case and roadmap.

Mobile Architecture: We will evaluate mobile platforms and design an architecture that will accommodate your current needs as well as future enhancements.

Proof of Concept and Simulation: We can build and refine prototypes to prove the design intent, using simulation technologies to help design the solution.

Our engagements are executed with a keen understanding of the industry trends, marketplace drivers, user experience, functional priorities and technical landscape in which you must deploy mobility solutions.

Services solutions are designed to help clients set their mobile strategy, re-imagine their interactions with customers, seamlessly integrate mobile into their traditional workplace and manage this mobile environment in an optimized and secure way.

Mobile Solutions for Industry Services

Mobile Apps are revolutionizing how businesses work today. Decision makers and IT heads in various enterprises now understand the importance of mobile applications in their business strategies. While most organizations are recognizing the need to build their mobile app, many are uncertain about where to start.

Mobile app development can be very challenging especially if you’re a non-technology company. Choosing the right app developer is very critical to your enterprise mobile strategy and success of your application. Designing, engineering, integrating enterprise backend and managing an enterprise app requires superior expertise that every development studio cannot accomplish. You need a matured studio to reduce the chances of failure.

Mobile User Experience Services

Mobile User Experience (UX) Services practice will help you conceptualize, design and deploy mobile applications following a user-centered design process. We work with you to brainstorm concepts that will solve your business problems as part of our requirements-gathering phase.

  • Benefits of Mobile User Experience (UX) Services.
  • Consistent experience across a range of form factors.
  • Rapid development of a high-fidelity prototype for user acceptance and usability testing.
  • Improved engagement and higher adoption rates via user-centered design.

Mobile Managed Services

iPrimitus's Mobile Managed Services provide a scalable, manageable, step-by-step approach to mobile management- enabling processes, people and assets. Our approach is based on pre-configured, proven technologies and process-transformation methodologies.

Managed Tablet Service provides customers the ability to deploy rich media tablets securely within their organizations, with the ability to manage the configurations and applications on those devices. Organizations can define and implement different levels of security and restrictions on the device through user profiles appropriate for both the user and the device.

Services to securely access and manage enterprise mobile devices and app stores which reduces risk and complexity of managing BYOD and corporate mobile devices using flexible delivery models; on-premise, managed or cloud.

Real Time Tracking Solutions

iPrimitus Location Tracking system helps your organization resolve business problems that require real-time tracking of the location and real time status of their extended resources: people, assets, machines and infrastructure. Location tracking system provides enterprise visualization by using real-time status, condition, context and association of objects in a digital globe.

Enterprise Visibility offers a global view of an organization, linking operations, IT, and planning and accountability systems.

We help integrate machine-to-machine technologies and provides business analytics for better decision making.

Mapping Service is an environmental mapping and information-layering tool for analysis and transportation planning.

Schedule and Routing Engine optimizes an existing schedule by feeding the data via a Web service and updating the data on the out message, along with the data necessary for LTS Mapping Service to update the view.

Visual Risk Management System

Visual Risk Management System (VRMS) is a suite of software and services configured for your company that continuously monitors global operations, supply chains and staff for more than 20 types of risks. An interactive map, real-time alerts, detailed reports and visual tools help companies assess risk, respond rapidly, and avoid potential losses and downtime. VRMS features:

  • The ability to monitor all types of threats including natural disasters, weather, geopolitics, crime and terrorism
  • Continuously scrolling headline at the top that provides information on mega events that can disrupt operations
  • Controls tailored to your organization or area of responsibility, including alerts by email or text messaging
  • Connected data: See all sites impacted by an event, plus all events impacting each site

Configured to your operations:

The system is configured to your operations, providing users a legend that provides the details at a glance. You can see headline information, damage assessment, safety buffer zones and sources of information. This feature can be easily configured to the level of risk that your company is willing to accept before taking action – allowing you to focus on the most relevant threats to your business.

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