Bi Strategy and Transformation

Business Intelligence Transformation service can help your company revitalize your existing capability to achieve the blend of function, agility and cost required to support your business operation. Our long history of success in the global design, development and on-going support of BI Transformation makes iPrimitus uniquely positioned to support your company's BI transformation. Our BI Transformation solution provides several key benefits:

  • Right information, Right Time, Right People - ensures that business-users can optimize business performance, improve operational efficiencies and increase visibility across the organization to make better strategic and prompt operational decisions.
  • An array of innovative business-led and technologically advanced, information delivery-platforms - for reporting, dashboards, data and mobile visualizations to improve your company's decision-making.
  • Pre-built BI-specific Assets - accelerates implementation while ensuring alignment with objectives and end-users needs
  • Has a componentized, scalable and standardized approach to fully support cross-functional business requirements.
  • Uses technologically advanced options based on proven reference architectures.
  • An iterative approach that engages business users and end-users early in the design process of reports, dashboards and mobile layouts to ensure alignment of organizational benefits and ROI.
  • Changes the business, not just IT - Our approach transforms IT and business units in tandem with the aim to form an ongoing partnership between IT and its users.

Big Data Strategy

Big Data Strategy helps you exploit large, diverse, fast-moving data to improve business performance through new insights and enhanced intuition that improves business decision making and better predicts outcomes.

Our experienced information specialists work with your experts through a series of workshops across business, data, and solution domains to:

  • Inventory available data, how it's structured, what value it offers, and how to validate it for use, so you can prioritize your asset utilization.
  • Document the opportunities available to you through big data and how they align to your strategic priorities, helping you to build the business case.
  • Show you how to make better, more informed business decisions in real time, using sophisticated analysis of multiple data sources.
  • Help the business become more flexible to market changes through real time data analysis.
  • Demonstrate the potential value of big data investments through a proof of concept.

How Big Data Strategy Works?

Together we'll work through several overlapping phases, including business assessment, data assessment, IT assessment and an insight proof of concept.

Put Business Value First: Big Data Strategy engagements focus on business value: that's why we start with your information needs, not with technology, and demonstrate the potential through a proof of concept. The roadmap that we'll create for you will be prioritized based on demonstrable business value and will give you a clear picture of the organizational, informational and technological changes needed to embrace big data, plus a robust business case to support ongoing investments.

Big Data to Inform Every Decision: There's data out there that could improve every decision your organization makes, whether it's choosing a new market to enter, specifying a new product, targeting your marketing, or re-engineering internal processes. But you can't do it all at once. The trick is to see the big picture of what's available, prioritize data and data sources, and where new intelligence, insight and intuition would really count. Big Data Strategy can lead you through this process.

Big Data Not Big Expense: We assess your existing IT capabilities to determine how well they support the exploitation of big data. We aim to reuse whatever existing solutions and tools we can so your big data strategy can be realized in an efficient manner.

Business Analytics Implementation

In an increasingly quantitative, digital world, everything is, or will be, recorded or counted. You need to find value in that data, spotting the seemingly unrelated patterns in data, mining and refining it, to create insights with commercial value. Business Analytics is the solution that turns the promise of big data into a source of practical, continuing insights to improve organizational performance.

The benefits of big data are realized when you understand how to derive new ideas from so much information and how to execute business decisions based on these insights. It involves change in your company and business processes that can drive deep into the organization.Take steps to implement a business analytics solution. Implementing business analytics to capitalize on big data requires the engagement of every part of your organization. Changes in IT must be matched by organizational change because you won't get value from what you learn about your business if you aren't structured to take advantage of it. That approach should include:

Plan — Create a detailed project plan first. Gather resources and inputs, assemble the team of business and IT skills, and ensure that the sponsorship and communication is in place and effective.

Discover — Build an analytic development environment to develop, test and refine an initial set of analytics. Initial results allow you to assess the business impact and make recommendations. Early success will ensure that sponsorship and buy-in stays strong across the organization.

Act — Execute the plan using technology so you can make use of your big data insights.

Embed — Embed the analytics capability into the organization. This will include potentially far-reaching changes to processes, people, organization, data, applications and technology.

Data Integration and Optimization

Whether upgrading or consolidating an ERP system, implementing a new data warehouse, or managing the integration activities that follow a merger, CIOs and program managers routinely assume that data migration will be more difficult than anticipated, take longer than planned and cost more than expected.

Based on previous experience, and despite advances in ETL tools and approaches, they're probably right. Extensive custom development is often needed to meet the requirements of legacy data migrations, leading to escalating costs and frustrating delays.

Developing an effective data integration and optimization approach requires fresh thinking and innovative approaches to data migration tasks. The real requirements and constraints must be carefully considered so that the right expertise, the right migration tools and the right business understanding are brought to bear on the data at hand.

Highly-structured factory based methods must be applied, combining the best of ETL tools to focus on the complex portions of the data, while modern metadata migration engines enable the bulk of one-to-one moves, simple lookups and simple joins.

Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service is designed to help organizations meet the growing demand for insights while reducing the strain on IT resources and budgets. Our Analytics as a Service provides ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements in a scalable, flexible business model that's based on the user experience you need. The service includes:

  • Reliable, robust delivery of data, insights, forecasts, predictions, reports, dashboards and other visualizations, including mobile, to support decision making and business processes
  • Production monitoring, including identification, root cause analysis and proactive maintenance of potential performance issues
  • Maintenance and support of data connectors, descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytic models and applications, including machine-to-machine analytics and application interfaces
  • Maintenance and support of reports, dashboards and other visualizations
  • Optimization and tuning of analytics models
  • Long-term consulting assistance to expand analytics capabilities and business use of big data and analytics.

Big Data Analytics Insights

At iPrimitus, we've developed a proven methodology to help companies successfully build and deploy big data applications and advanced analytics, while avoiding expensive mistakes that create even more costly delays. Our methodology helps you choose the right business case, identify the right data sources and ask the right questions.

Our approach to big data analytics insights offers you:

  • Enhanced decision making by assessing the likely outcomes of alternatives
  • More accurate forecasting and planning
  • Insight into patterns that improve customer satisfaction and sales
  • Dynamic, potentially automated decision making, and
  • Earlier identification of risks and other critical factors

Big Data Platform as a Service

iPrimitus provides a fully integrated and managed Big Data Platform in an as-a-Service model that utilizes advanced web-scale technologies to enable application developers to quickly develop, test and deploy applications that require any combination of ad hoc, batch and real-time analytics.

iPrimitus Big Data Platform as a Service allows you to:

  • Have a full managed, analytic development environment ready to use in a short span of time and scale to address the most complex hybrid environments
  • Support batch, ad-hoc and in-memory analytics
  • Provide application developers a platform designed to ingest, integrate and manage data from any source and in any format
  • Benefit from the technologies and operating principles that underpin Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other businesses that rely on big data to improve customer experience, generate revenue, improve operations, manage risk more effectively and transform business processes
  • Ensure that your environment is always available, performs at scale and grows

Our service allows you to focus on creating the applications that will drive value for your business instead of spending your time learning to design, test, deploy and manage a secure, scalable and available big data "infrastructure stack." Our primary services include:

  • Hadoop — Elastic Hadoop clusters and batch analytics
  • Queries — NoSQL database and ad hoc, query-based analytics
  • Streams — Streaming data and real-time analytics

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence helps you mine the data throughout your organization for key insights.

By applying big data tools and data science to your data, we'll help you examine customer interactions across a broad range of channels inside and outside the company. You'll identify your best prospects, improve retention and give every customer a better experience. You'll get insights that will help you deliver relevant, personalized interactions to customers over a lifetime, not just at the point of purchase.

Our Customer Intelligence Analytics solution is implemented using a proven methodology and organized into three major phases: Shape, Transform and Manage.


We focus on defining the problem and laying out a roadmap to reach your goals.

  • Understand the business problem.
  • Identify and evaluate important customer data.
  • Develop the path forward to reach required future-state capabilities.
  • Identify the business case.


We implement our agreed-upon solution to turn customer data into actionable insights.

  • Implement analytics to deliver on goals and strategy.
  • Source, prepare and integrate customer data.
  • Tailor customer intelligence accelerators — Customer Value Analysis, Churn Analysis, Buying Analysis.
  • Develop dashboards and reports to visualize customer insights and actions taken by the company to implement them.


We continue to expand your analytical abilities and embed them throughout your company.

  • Ongoing delivery of retention insight.
  • Ongoing optimization and tuning of customer-retention analytics models.
  • Ongoing data updates.
  • External data sets added to enhance models and results.

Big Data Platform Innovation

Big Data Platform Innovation service is designed to help companies succeed with new big data technologies without losing sight of their core mission. Our transformation service helps you transform your existing data management platform and data life-cycle management functions while integrating new big data technologies.

Our highly skilled team of big data consultants, architects and data scientists use a set of proven accelerators to help align your data life-cycle management environment to business needs, and integrate the best-fitting big data platform and analytic applications. A wide choice of implementation options: traditional and open source technologies, public and private cloud, and dedicated infrastructure offers the price point, scalability and flexibility you need.

Tools such as our unique Data Migration Factory offer a set of integrated tools that improve data migration speed and accuracy; while our prebuilt accelerators and proven methodologies help keep service costs low. And, our technology independence, backed by proven reference architectures, allows you the flexibility to work from the platform of your choice.

Start turning data into insights that can change your business, and start managing the volume, variety and velocity of big data that provides those insights. You don't need to risk a big investment, scramble to find the right skills, or divert your attention from the daily tasks that the business demands.

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